Our objective is to provide qualified African students the opportunity to enjoy Quality and Affordable Education, And to offer valuable services to prospective students.
Books Embassy was founded with the aim to help clients close the gap between the promise of service excellence and its actual delivery breaking the demand for Qualitative And Professional Education by the ever growing and teeming student population in Africa, Recruit for the Universities and assist in their placement into the Universities of their choice.
Mr Sunny Akhigbe,

Academic Counselling

Books Embassy has a team of qualified councillors and consultants. With our wealth of experience and training, we understand the trends and shifts in the 21st century career and job opportunities accross the world. Putting to cognissance your inherrent skills, we are able to provide sound advice on profitable programs & the right university to enable your dreams

Speedy Admission Process

Getting admission has never been this easy & smooth. With our partnership with 100+ universities accross the globe, we are able to help our students reduce admission processing time by 50%.

Visa Assistance

We provide value added processing services to clients. Throughs 10 years of porcessing over 500 student visas, we help advice our client on proper and genuine visa documentation and interview best practices to increase their chances of landing their student visa.
Disclaimer: Visa approval is the sole discretion of the consular not Books Embassy.

We are a full service educational consulting agency focused on building knowledge and wealth

Parent Visit

We assist parents who would love to visit their children/ward in school. We also provide student monitoring services to help you keep track on your child/ward activities of campus.

Post Admission Services

Beyond admission processing, we help our clients get affordable accomodation options and also provide flight booking and airport pickup services.

International Exams

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We partner with top 100 universities round the Globe to bring you affordable education

We leverage quality, affordability and comfort of our students to 100 top Universities

Our proven methodology is agnostic to industry, service or individual. We partner with top universities to bring you affordable education, offering our clients a memorable learning experience.

Academic Counselling


Visa Assistance


Admission Process


Int'l Exams


Choose the your university and we'll take you there.


Our Upcoming amd Past Events


Study in Turkey, Northern Cyprus, USA, UK, Canada, Australia

Admission is ongoing

Venue: Books Embassy Office
Time: 9am – 5pm

Study in North Cyprus

Meet with University representatives, get 50% – 100% scholarship and on the spot admission.
Date: Upcoming
Venue: Books Embassy Office
Time: 9am


Meet with University representatives, get 50% scholarship and on the spot admission.
Date: Upcoming
Venue: Books Embassy Office
Time: 9am