North Cyprus can best be described as a global education leader on the rise. Just as it does with tourism, North Cyprus draws attention with its university. Well-known for its sunny beaches, luxurious hotels and impeccable tourism services, Cyprus has invested its riches in a high-quality European education system, with affordable university tuition costs and plenty of facilities and benefits. This lovely island offers an opportunity to study, with the added bonus of the taste of holiday with its sun, sea and natural life. Growing larger each day with their modern campuses, the universities in North Cyprus play host to thousands of students who want to study in a peaceful and reliable country. More than 40 thousand students from different countries around the world are studying in North Cyprus, one of the most significant educational centers of the Mediterranean.

Therefore, seeking for an affordable and accessible path to success, you’ll not have trouble finding excellent Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Cyprus that will match the standards of international universities worldwide.

A number of factors put together have given credence to Cyprus as one of the fastest growing country for quality and quantitative education. Universities in North Cyprus are known for quality Education at International standards in English. These Universities are Internationally recognized and accepted worldwide. Education in North Cyprus is in line with the American Credit System which makes it possible for International Students to have the opportunity to enjoy qualified faculty members at international standards.

Most interestingly, In Cyprus tuition fees is affordable and living expenses is moderate . The tuition fees are moderate and cheaper than most parts of Europe. Universities in North Cyprus offer one of the cheapest study abroad international programs worldwide and that’s good news. Who wants to pay 6 to 10 times more for an education of equal quality? Tuition fees in North Cyprus universities are very affordable and so you can enjoy your study abroad experience without going bankrupt.

There are hundreds of courses available, all in English Medium of study. Students in Cyprus enjoy very High standard of Education with Excellent facilities for social, cultural and sports activities. Accommodation is world class standard and available both on campus and around the city.
Education In Cyprus is one of the most flexible in the international education system. In this case call it killing two birds with one stone. Internationals students who are studying abroad in north Cyprus universities are given the opportunity to study abroad through various programs. You can choose to study abroad during the summer break, or you can also choose to study 3 years in the north Cyprus University and your last year in a foreign university abroad which is dependent on the program or course you are running.

Enrolling in a study abroad enables you to experience education styles that are different from your home country thereby widen your range of experience and expose. By involving in and embracing the education style of your study abroad country, you will be able to better understand their native culture and tradition. Universities in North Cyprus assist you to make the most of your study abroad time.

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