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We work with over 100 universities in different parts of the world. Whatever your dream is, we know the right environment to help you bud and achieve your dream.


international exams

We register, tutor & provide textbooks/study materials for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, &GMAT



We help our clients with flight reservations, pick up on arrivals, accommodation services & child/ward monitoring



We help our clients prepare the right documents that increses their chances of obtaining their STUDENT VISA. Our success rate is 90%

Our Values


Our vision is to be the foremost platform and bridge that connects those who seek further education beyond the shores of Africa, and the best international institutions of learning. We seek to blur or totally erase the lines that for many years made collaborations between the student and the school almost impossible. One of the gateways from poverty for Africa and Africans is through education, and being a part of the forces of emancipation is one of our central motivations. We want to see Africans compete on the global stage and give formidable contributions to climate change, global economy, technology revolution on the African continent; the health sector, and consolidation of true democracy in Africa.


We strive to provide a myriad of options of foreign universities to the sweeping number of young Africans who desire to study overseas. Where necessary, we provide guidance to help them make more informed decisions on the courses and programs they intend to pursue; and we show them paths that could get them scholarships and other benefits. Also, we help in the process of visa acquisitions to avert the usual burden attached with obtaining visas. Most of all, we aim at making all the aforementioned processes financially affordable as possible. Over the years we’ve built and established laudable relationships with our partner universities, their host countries and embassies that we now enjoy seamless operations on both sides to achieve our desired results.

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