ISTANBUL BILGI UNIVERSITY BİLGİ University is a school with cultural and scientific community that promotes tolerance and respect for a diversity of individuals with different lifestyles, beliefs and ways of thinking within the framework of contemporary universal values, while at the same time maintaining strong ties with all segments of the society. Being part of Laureate International Universities network, the founding premise of BİLGİ has become ‘to make education more accessible and affordable so that more students can pursue their dreams’ BİLGİ holds a primary responsibility for providing, maintaining and further developing an academic environment in which both students and faculty members are able to engage in learning and the production of knowledge at the highest level. The university currently has over 40,000 students, nearly 1,000 academic staff members, 6 faculties, 5 institutes, 5 schools, 3 vocational schools, and more than 150 programs that provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students. As of 2015, the university has graduated over 24,000 students.


Emniyettepe, Kazım Karabekir Cd. No:13 D:2, 34060 Eyüp/Eyüpsultan/İstanbul, Turkey


Aircraft Technology (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Aircraft Technology (Evening Education) Associate Degree
Aircraft Technology Associate Degree
AnesthesiaAssociate Degree
Anesthesia (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Architectural RestorationAssociate Degree
Architectural Restoration (Evening Education)Associate Degree
AudiometryAssociate Degree
Audiometry (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Banking and InsuranceAssociate Degree
Banking and Insurance (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Business Administration Associate Degree
Child DevelopmentAssociate Degree
Child Development (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Civil Air Transportation ManagementAssociate Degree
Civil Air Transportation Management (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesAssociate Degree
Civil Aviation Cabin Services (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Computer ProgrammingAssociate Degree
Construction TechnologyAssociate Degree
Construction Technology (Evening Education)Associate Degree
CookingAssociate Degree
Cooking (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Dental Prosthesis TechnologyAssociate Degree
Dental Prosthesis Technology (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Dental Prosthetics TechnologyAssociate Degree
Dental Prosthetics Technology (Evening Education)Associate Degree
DialysisAssociate Degree
Dialysis (Evening Education)Associate Degree
ElectroneurophysiologyAssociate Degree
Electroneurophysiology (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Emergency and Disaster ManagementAssociate Degree
Fashion DesignAssociate Degree
Fashion Design (Evening Education)Associate Degree
First and Emergency HelpAssociate Degree
First and Emergency Help (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Graphic DesignAssociate Degree
Graphic Design (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Information Security TechnologyAssociate Degree
Interior Space DesignAssociate Degree
International TradeAssociate Degree
JusticeAssociate Degree
Logistics Associate Degree
Marina and Yacht ManagementAssociate Degree
Marina and Yacht Management Associate Degree
Medical Imaging TechniquesAssociate Degree
Medical Imaging TechniquesAssociate Degree
Medical Laboratory TechniquesAssociate Degree
Medical Laboratory TechniquesAssociate Degree
Medical Laboratory Techniques Associate Degree
Occupational Health and SafetyAssociate Degree
Occupational Health and Safety (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Operating Room ServicesAssociate Degree
Operating Room Services (Evening Education)Associate Degree
OpticianryAssociate Degree
Opticianry (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Pathology Laboratory TechniquesAssociate Degree
Pathology Laboratory Techniques (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Photography and VideographyAssociate Degree
PhysiotherapyAssociate Degree
Physiotherapy (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Printing and Publishing TechnologiesAssociate Degree
Public Relations and PublicityAssociate Degree
Radio and Television Programming *Associate Degree
RadiotherapyAssociate Degree
Radiotherapy (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Sea Transportation and ManagementAssociate Degree
Sea Transportation and Management (Evening Education)Associate Degree
Social ServicesAssociate Degree
Banking and Finance OnlineMaster
Clinical PsychologyMaster
Cultural ManagementMaster
Cultural StudiesMaster
e-MBA EnglishMaster
e-MBA TurkishMaster
Electrical-Electronics EngineeringMaster
Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Technology / LITEMaster
European StudiesMaster
Film and TelevisionMaster
Financial EconomicsMaster
History Master
History, Theory and Criticism in ArchitectureMaster
Human Resource ManagementMaster
Human Resources Management OnlineMaster
Information and Technology LawMaster
International FinanceMaster
International Political EconomyMaster
International Relations*Master
Law (Business Law/Human Rights Law)Master
Management Information Systems OnlineMaster
Marketing / Next AcademyMaster
Marketing CommunicationMaster
MBA KozyatağıMaster
Media and Communication SystemsMaster
Nutrition and DieteticsMaster
Organizational PsychologyMaster
Philosophy and Social ThoughtMaster
Public Relations and Corporate CommunicationMaster
Social Projects and NGO ManagementMaster